Villa Mecklin by Huttunen Lipasti Pakkanen Architects

The place where Villa Mecklin lounges stands for serene atmosphere amidst the tree cluster and its welcoming stone terrace.
Created by the Helsinki-based team Risto Huttunen,Santeri Lipasti and Pekka Pakkanen, this home design is perfectly suitable for
a summer escape. Mainly self-built, this lodge is situated near the northern cape of Mustaluoto Island, where on its earstern
side lays off a splendid boat marina.
When coming from the harbour to the entry of the main building, you get surprised by the omnipresence of the trees. After sight-seeing
the surroundings, you get to be dazzled by the breathtaking horizon witnessed from the wide terrace, accessed via a hatch
in the decking. To have an ever more spectacular outline, a fireplace has been drilled in the centre of the terrace.
When the hatch is not in place and the fire is not lit, the generous terrace can also be used as a dancing floor.
The interior comes to complement the natural feeling from the outside, being predominantly wooden,just to remind the inhabitants
that they are in the core of mother nature. Furthermore, a stove-heated cabin for guests comes in connection with the
shoreling sauna. If you were to seek for a perfect cabin, wouldn’t you choose this one ?







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